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Dear Participant,

Greetings from LLL!
This is with reference to today’s “FICCI Online Quiz on IPR” which was scheduled at 8 PM. As you are aware, due to the huge traffic of students attending the quiz, the website got slowed down and several of you were not able to take part in the quiz.
Since the whole purpose of organizing this contest was to give an opportunity to law students to take part in the quiz and test their IPR knowledge, the purpose shall be defeated if not everyone who registered is able to take part in the quiz.
With this in view, we acknowledge the technical issue on our part and we will rectify it.
Therefore, we would like to give another opportunity for those who were not able to participate in the quiz at 8 PM or at the rescheduled time 10 PM, to participate again tomorrow, i.e., 29th Nov at 6 PM – 6.32 PM.

The Quiz can be accessed from here

Please note that all other instructions regarding the quiz remain the same as sent earlier.
We look forward to your active participation in the quiz tomorrow.
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