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(Post-Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management, Senior Patent Consultant, Patent Analyst, Director at BKSAY Works Private Limited [An International Consulting Services Company specializing in Patent & Design Analysis], Design Engineer, B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering)

Mr. Potukuchi has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Patent Landscape, Freedom-To-Operate Analysis, White-Space Analysis, Infringement Analysis, Validity/Invalidity Search, Patentability, Prior Art Search, Novelty search, Idea Search, Knockout-Searches, Competition Analysis as well as Patent-Portfolio Analysis.

Mr. Potukuchi specialized field of Operation as an IPR Professional, is within Patent Searching Domain, as an Analyst, Reviewer and maintaining Benchmarks for process and quality, the array of Projects he worked on mostly belong to, Mechanical/Automobile/Aeronautic Engineering projects, but have also worked on various projects/case studies from the Electrical, Computer Science, Electronics, Food Stuffs, Tobacco Industry, Makeup Articles, and Chemistry Domains/Clients. Mr. Potukuchi is widely known as a Patent Analyst and IP Valuator.

Mr. Potukuchi has also sharpened his passion with renowned companies like Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Skoda Sales & Services, and Tata Sales & Services.

Mr. Potukuchi is Director at BKSAY Works Private Limited serving Inventors, Colleges, Universities, IPR and Law Firms with their defining analytical acumen across various industries and domains. Provide consulting services by Researching, Inventing & Designing Technological Solutions for Manufacturers, Investors and Research-Firms and provide research assistance for R&D departments of various firms as an outsourced activity. Highly recognized as a platform for enablement for students, engineers, science graduates, post-graduates, and even Doctoral candidates, for gaining professional growth and advanced technical skills in the field of IPR.

Mr. Potukuchi is working towards best in class technology and design solutions for manufacturers, investors and Research Firms, Colleges and Universities by performing Search for relevant Patents, Conducting Technical Research and Provisioning lab-facility/technical-staff, for verification and testing of Ideas, Prototypes, Proof-of-Concept, etc., with a major focus on Solar/Photo-Voltaic Technology, Solar Farms, Wind Energy, Tidal Power Generation, and other Green Technologies, Market’s latest Automobile Technology frenzies like Smart-Battery Technology, Super-Capacitor Battery Technology, Electric-Vehicles, Hybrid-Vehicle Systems & Technology, Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles, Hybrid Power-Train, Efficient Aerodynamic Designs, Renewable Electric Aircrafts, Boats, Yachts, Ships, &/or Submarines, Autonomous Driving technology, Accident Avoidance Systems, Goods Carriers, Public Transportation Systems, Municipal Vehicles, Earth-Movers and Smart Agricultural techniques.

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