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Protection through “Geographical Indications” trademark

law News Protection through “Geographical Indications” and Protection through “Certification trademark”, national and international trends July 10, 2021admin Introduction to Geographical Indication (GI) I am sure you have heard of “Darjeeling Tea”, if you are not aware let me tell you. Darjeeling is famous for its tea, if anyone is visiting …

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Traditional knowledge and patent issues

IPR law Traditional knowledge and patent issues: with reference to Basmati, Neem, Turmeric, and Golden rice August 2, 2021admin Introduction Non-physical property that is the result of original thought is referred to as intellectual property.Tradition-based literal, artistic, or scientific works; performances; scientific discoveries; designs; marks, names, and symbols; undisclosed information; and …

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Trademark infringement and Comparative advertising

law News Trademark infringement and Comparative advertising: position in US, UK and India August 10, 2021sangam tiwari Introduction Comparative advertising is all about a brand claiming to be something that another product or service isn’t. Every brand’s marketing approach nowadays is to claim superiority over the competition.In general, comparison advertising benefits …

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