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Patent Licensing

Licensing is a contract between a minimum of 2 parties wherein the licensor agrees to allow the licensee to share the rights enjoyed by the former subject to consideration by the latter. In an intellectual property license, the licensee is permitted to use the intellectual property, however it is subject

Copyrightability of Sound Recordings – Analysis of 2012 Amendment.

The Copyright Amendment Act, 2012 brought in a phenomenal change with respect to the rights of music directors, lyricists and performers. The 2012 amendment in Copyright Act has introduced various provisions, one of them being section 31 D. This section is concerned with the broadcasting or performance of a literary

KRBL Limited granted INR 50,000 as cost of proceedings by Patiala House Court and injunction against “SUN GATE”

In this blog, we take a look back at the decision given by the Delhi Court in the year 2019 wherein it granted ex-parte injunction in favor of India Gate Basmati Rice. The Patiala House Court in Delhi Court on 20.08.2019 passed the order in the case of M/S KRBL limited

Madras HC says NO to Claim Over Monopoly over the words “Magic”, “Magical” and Masala” in ITC vs. Nestle case

On the 10th of June 2020, the Madras HC pronounced its order in the case of ITC v. Nestle India stating that the word “Magic” is laudatory. Justice C. Saravanan in his judgment stated that, “. . .neither the plaintiff nor the defendant can claim the monopoly over the respective laudatory words “Magic”